Cartoon Character Design

cartoon dog walker character design

cartoon character design

Creating fun and appealing cartoon character design is something I specialise in and the only limit is your imagination! Whether it be animals, dinosaurs, people or even creatures from beyond the stars!

Cartoon characters make fantastic marketing tools if you want to attract the right customers and liven up your marketing. They are entertaining, uplifting and create lasting interest for companies and products alike.

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Cartoon Businessman
Cartoon Business Woman
Naughty Cartoon Squirrel
Cartoon Insect In Amber
Cartoon dumbo octopus
Cartoon crocodile
Mobile phone cartoon character
Children's Book Illustration Cartoon Ankylosaurus
Cartoon Rhino
Helicopter cartoon character
Cartoon Lobster
Cartoon Carnivorous Plant
Cartoon Vampire
Cartoon Character Mr Preece
Fangtooth Fish
Mantis Shrimp Cartoon
Cartoon Dolphin

Bespoke character design

I can work to update any existing character designs you may have or work with you to create a new character or mascot design for your business, brand or product. I can also create a variety of styles for your character to really capture a personality and essence!

My cartoons also tie in well with my cartoon logo services. A cartoon logo incorporating your character or mascot is the perfect way to promote your business, website or blog.

You may even need a series of cartoon characters for a new story you’re writing or a comic strip you’ve devised?

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How do you come up with a cartoon character?

Generally, all of my characters start out as an idea and a pencil sketch. I build up the character in the sketch with basic shapes, working on head shape and the mass/proportions of the body.

Once I have something, I’ll send it to you for approval – at this stage, we can work together on the look and feel of your character. Here we can perfect the pose and facial expressions.

Once this has been completed, I’ll take your character and create the digital clean outlines, along with the proposed base colours and send to you for a second approval.

I then add the shading and highlights, along with any final details and there you have it!

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