Custom Comic Strips

How can custom comic strips help my business?

Comic strips can be an excellent way to promote goods and services for your website and/or business. It is also a great method for generating traffic to your website and keeping your readers engaged and wanting to come back for more!

You could tell a simple story about how your products are made or even how they arrive in your customer’s hands. They might even help inform the user how to use your product in a fun and eye-catching way.

You may just want a fun comic strip about a cartoon character or mascot that your business already has?

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  • 1. Initial layout

    1. Initial layout

    The first step when creating the comic strip is a rough layout of the content boxes, characters and the layout on the page.

    This layout will be based on a story or brief provided by yourself, or as a conversation with myself.

    This will allow us to get a flow for the page, an idea of where everyone will sit and also rough positioning of the other elements, such as speech bubbles and effects text.

  • 2. Refined pencil sketches

    2. Refined pencil sketches

    Once a storyline and layour have been agreed, I will provide another set of refined pencils.

    This will give you a better idea of how the final comic strip will look and will have more details in the characters and their situations.

    From here we can fine-tune the story and layout and also make sure the characters in your comic strip are looking just as you'd like them.

  • 3. Main inks

    3. Main inks

    Once the refined pencils have been approved, we can add in the inks. This allows for more details and also an idea of how the final bespoke comic strip is going to look.

    I will also add in some defined outlines to each of the boxes. The example shown here has a drop-shadow added, but you can have a border however you wish.

  • 4. Shading and details

    4. Shading and details

    Once the final inks are in, we can add in other details, such as shading and some basic colouration, just to help pick out the details.

    At this stage I might add in some background elements and details, such as trees or buildings and also any shades that will help to accentuate the characters and their details.

  • 5. Final details and text

    5. Final details and text

    The final stage is to add in our speech bubbles and any other details, such as action text or sound affects.

    We can work together here to also choose the final typeface to be used in the speech bubbles.

    This stage is also wheer we'll fine-tune the layout and composition of all elements, to make sure all is how you'd like the final piece.

How do I make a custom comic strip?

If you’ve ever wanted a custom comic or comic strip but have never been able to draw them yourself, then this is where I come in! I am more than happy to work together with you to produce the comic strip just the way you want it.

The following points will help me in advance to give you an idea of the budget and timescales for your project.

  • How many panels or scenes will be required in the comic strip.
  • A description of your characters and how they appear in the story.
  • The dialogue for the speech bubbles to be used in the story.
  • Will the completed comic strip be in black and white or in colour?
  • How the finished art will be used/published.

Based on the above, I will create pencil roughs and send them for your review. If you like what you see, the artwork will be rendered in a final inking stage or changes can be made based on your instructions.

Once the final inks have been added, I will apply colours and final details. A version of the strip will be sent to you at each stage for approval.

Please note that I’m capable of designing cartoon characters too. Feel free to peruse my cartoon character design page or take a closer look at my portfolio.

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