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If you’re looking to create comic strips or produce a comic strip or comic book, then look no further!

I can work with you to create memorable and eye-catching comic strip and stories!

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How can comic strips help my business?

Comic strips can be an excellent way to promote goods and services for your website and/or business. It is also a great method for generating traffic to your website and keeping your readers engaged and wanting to come back for more!

You could tell a simple story about how your products are made or even how they arrive in your customer’s hands. They might even help inform the user how to use your product in a fun and eye-catching way.

You may just want a fun comic strip about a cartoon character or mascot that your business already has?

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I’ve written a comic strip, but cannot draw

If you’ve ever wanted to write a comic or comic strip but have never been able to draw them yourself, then this is where I come in! I am more than happy to work together with you to produce the comic strip just the way you want it.

Please note that I’m capable of designing cartoon characters too. Feel free to peruse my cartoon character design page or take a closer look at my portfolio.

I have a very professional approach to my comic strip work and I’m very easy to work with. I’m happy to make suggestions for you and even help with the non-cartoon side of things. I’m very passionate about any comic strip/book related project that I get involved in and always endeavour for the best.

As mentioned previously, I’m not naturally a writer of comics or gags, but I’m more than capable of doing them when given adequate information on the subject matter.

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