Children’s Book Illustration

Whether you are writing the next best-selling children’s book or compiling a book of crazy little critters the inclusion of some custom children’s book illustration will set it apart from other competing publications.

fun cartoon Guinea Pigs

How do we get started on children’s book illustration?

My cartoon illustrations begin life as a series of pencil sketches and compositions that we can sit down and discuss.

We can storyboard them together or I’m quite happy to take your story outline and come up with a storyboard myself that I can sit down and discuss with you.

The next stage is to digitise these characters and scenes and create as vector illustrations, which give us great flexibility on the project.

We can then work on the layouts of the pages of your book and position and resize the characters and elements as required.

Writing children’s books

Although I’m not a writer of Children’s books or stories, I am more than happy to add in ideas or suggestions if you’d like me to and get those create cogs whirring with your stories!

Ianthasaurus cartoon dinosaur